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Product Details

Biscuits are fed from the baking oven to the depositor without any need for additional equipment or operation. There is no necessity for an extra stacking or labor. With this way, it enables you to make a highly economic, cost-efficient and high capacity production.

Primarily, biscuits which are conveyed to the oven feeding belt, are aligned, stacked and synchronously transferred to the flip over unit. At this unit, preferred rows are flipped over. Subsequently, on the flipped over biscuit rows, filling masses such as marshmallow, cream, jam, caramel and etc. are deposited. After this process, sandwich is formed by capping the biscuit from the other row onto the flipped over and mass deposited biscuit.

Online Depositor adjusts its own speed in accordance with the baking oven’s. By means of the sensors on the feeding system, it tracks the speed and alignment of the biscuits coming from the baking oven. According to the forthcoming format of the biscuits, it both changes its own speed and repositions its own feeding band left or right. Under all circumstances, it provides all biscuits to be placed on their own lane.








Technical Specifications

  • Our double headed Online Depositor models receives biscuits from the baking oven at the rate of 240 rows/minute speed and fulfills the sandwiches at the rate of 120 rows/minute.



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