Slab Bar Line

You can produce single or double layered nougat, caramel or cereal based bars with our modern, reliable and flexible production line.

It is suitable for almost all fatty masses. You can work with soft or hard cooked sugar based, aerated fatty or sugary masses containing every sort of flavors (nuts, peanuts, rice crispy, dried fruit pieces and etc.)

We are not only supplying the line from the kitchen up to the packaging phase as turn-key, but also we are providing product consultancy service. By this way, you will receive the most accurate answers for your food technology related questions and produce the most suitable product for your company and market, from day one. Thus, you will save time and your budget for developing new products will be profoundly reduced. From the first day of your project until the continuously production phase, you are in trustable hands. With all of our knowledge and technology, we will design the line in a way that corresponds your aims, situate the machinery at your premises and develop the recipe of the product that and produce it accordingly.

Our Slab Bar Line which is running in high capacity, full automatically and minimum labor requirement is designed to make nonstop production for 24 hours and 7 days. In this way, with the long-lasting performance and less personnel requirement of the line, your company gains advantage in every field.

Furthermore, our line which makes difference with its exceptional design also ensures you to obtain wide range of products with its easy product transition feature.

Arcan Slab Bar Forming Line catches the eye with its high durability. Its high and unique performance leads the way to get efficiency beyond your expectations.

Production variety is utterly limited with your own imagination and it enables you to mix your mass with flavors such as nuts, walnuts or dried fruit particles.

By means of its PLC control, equipped with colored and graphic-filled touch screen,  Arcan Slab Bar Line provides an easy and user friendly operation.

Our Slab Bar Line, which provides a major advantage in terms of its performance and economy, will carry your company a step further by enabling you to present eye and mouth pleasing products.