Ar-Can Machinery was established in 1983 by M.M.E. Orhan Inam. He held the titles of technical manager and operating manager at the all time industry leader Ulker , during the era of 1970s and 1980s, when the industry started to take shape in Turkey. After his duty at Ulker, he returned to his hometown and started to manufacture food processing machines, as the industry was largely dependent on foreign sources.

By the year 1991, Ar-Can manufactured different kinds of machines such as wafer, stick cracker, biscuit and chocolate production lines. Then, the company aimed to be specialized on specific products to improve the quality of machines faster than before. As a result, Ar-Can focused on manufacturing chocolate enrobing machines, bar production lines, stick cracker lines and marshmallow lines.


In 1994, our founder Mr. Orhan Inam passed away due to a traffic accident. Since then, our company is managed by his sons, Cem and Can, and his wife Mrs. Sukran Inam. Also, Ar-Can first exported its products in the same year, 1994.

In 1996, Ar-Can moved to its new factory, which had 4.000m2 indoor area. With the help of this new factory, the company could finalize its new investments in a short time.

 Ar-Can Machinery completed its  equipment investment by 1998. Afterwards, the company concentrated on technological investmets. We are creating our machinery projects via 3D modelling software. With this way, the defects in production process are eliminated.



In the year of 2001, Ar-Can's production standard was certified by ISO9001 certificate of approval. In addition to that, whole production process started to be executed by the ERP software.

Today Ar-Can is managed by second generation owners. The company owns a facility with 10.000m2 indoor area. It designs all of its products via 3D solid modelling software, executes all production and warehouse follow-up by ERP software and produces faultless parts using CNC equipment. Ar-Can exports 75% of its production, and delivers confectionery machines to over 60 countries in 5 continents, worldwide.

The company policy is to lead our clients to their aim, through our quality products, with full customer satisfaction.