Stick Cracker Line

Our Stick Cracker Line, by means of its extruding system, is providing you the opportunity to manufacture your products with the most economical and practical way.

Stick crackers manufactured by extruding system have softer and crispier texture comparing to equivalent production technics. Due to this point, these products are in greater demand.

Our Stick Cracker Line provides you the most economical solution in accordance with your production area and production amount. In extruding system, much the same with the hard biscuit system, instead of complicated and crowded machinery, only dough extruder is used. In this way, production is not only fulfilled with minimum number of personnel, but also a considerable space is saved in the production area. We only need 3 personnel to operate the whole line.

By the virtue of its high heat insulation, energy is saved and fuel is consumed economically. Baking oven can be operated with LPG, diesel oil or electricity.

Our line gets ready for production in a very short time as 45 minutes.

Our line, which have maximum 2% wastage guarantee, can be controlled from one point by means of synchronization system, instead of separately adjusting multiple motors.  In addition to this, switching from salty stick cracker to sesame stick production takes only 15 minutes.

By means of its smart system, arcan Stick Cracker Line is highly user-friendly.  With PLC control, machines are in communication with the operator and in necessary occasions it can set itself to protection mode in order to maintain the production security and extend the machine life time. System is designed to be compatible with remote connection and maintenance.

On the account of its colored touch screen, it provides opportunity for an easy user experience. Moreover, it ensures a major advantage due to its reporting, failure logging and history features with easy accessibility.

We can also manufacture cream filled stick crackers on demand.