Fully automatic Slab Bar Line and Marshmallow Kitchen.

All processes including weighing raw materials, preparing ingredients (milk, whipping agent, fat slurry, invert syrup and etc.), cooking and aerating nougat and caramel, and if required, mixing flavors (nuts, peanuts, rice crispy, dried fruit and etc.) completed hygienically and fully automatic.

It has an ideal operating system in which the power of PLC system and visual PC interface are combined. All settings are made from its giant, colored and graphic-filled touch screen, and all recipes are saved in it. Through its user authorization feature, operator faults are reduced to minimum level. The system controls every process in the kitchen instantaneously and so as to prevent production breakdowns, it warns or directs the operator with auditory and visual alarm. It saves the production history on recipe and batch basis.

Weighing units receive and weigh all raw materials on the recipe, mix them homogenously and transfer to the required cooker fully automatic. Nougat is cooked in the high performance cooker and vacuumed. After getting aerated by the aerator, it is mixed with fat and optionally with various flavors. Immediately after this process, nougat is fed to the slab forming drums. On the other hand, caramel is cooked in the universal batch cooker (suitable for jam, sugar solution, jelly and etc. as well), and fed to the slab forming drums after optionally mixed with flavors.