We supply all-purpose depositors which can run with miscellaneous types of products as if soft or firm cakes, biscuits and cookies with various sizes, deposit marshmallow, jam, cream, caramel, work with encapsulated marshmallow or double colored cream, fed from manual biscuit magazine or directly from the baking oven.

The whole system is controlled from a single control point. Therefore, even though the machine is at running state, it is possible to make adjustments on the production settings. By means of PLC control, it is user friendly and easy to operate. When the speed is changed, all other settings are automatically synchronized in accordance with the new speed. Thus, in the course of speed changes, there is absolutely no chance of confronting product difference.

Besides checking the consumption of raw materials during the process, you can easily follow either existing production output or the production outputs at previous shifts by using the report page on PLC. Additionally, you can be informed about all breakdowns and maintenance periods thanks to its smart touch screen panel.

All sandwich products are transferred to the cooling tunnel or to the enrobing machine as per your wish. All operations are fulfilled within seconds.

Contamination is reduced to minimum levels and maintenance and cleaning operations are simplified, by virtue of its special design vacuum jets. Vacuum jets are easily cleaned and durable, since they are running with compressed air instead of vacuum pump.

All parts of the machine are suitable for cleaning with water. It is notable for its hygienic and flexible design comparing to the classic creaming machines. It is suitable for feeding the enrobing machine or cooling tunnel thanks to its wide belt. It can be manufactured up to 1400mm belt width.

Owing to its light weight manifolds, which are manufactured from alloyed aluminum, dynamic stability of the machine is at high level. Manifolds can be manufactured as double jacketed, depending on the filling mass. They are leak proof. Dosing adjustment is fulfilled using the timing setting of the pneumatically actuated valve. For the purpose of precise control, every nozzle is equipped with separate adjustment mechanism.

A special distributor is situated at the inlet of manifolds for the purpose of impeccable product distribution. This device divides the filling mass, which is canalized from a single-line, to multiple equal lines. Therefore, it helps each nozzle of the manifold to dose flawless mass.

By means of its servo motor equipped drive system, numerous adjustments can be fulfilled even during production, and additionally these adjustments can be saved on the recipe.

Providing that the entire production line comprises of Arcan machines, operating speeds of all machines (aerator, enrobing machine, cooling tunnel and etc.) can be adjusted full-automatically and synchronously depending on the speed of the depositor.