Bar Line

Economic and high performance line for fat and sugar based bars.

The line is ideal for the ones who aim to produce in high capacity with less personnel. Chocolate Enrobing Machine and Cooling tunnel, being the other components of the line are also supplied by arcan.

Through our Bar Line, fat and sugar based masses such as nougat, fondant, praline exc. can be produced by means of rope shaped extruding. Our line is suitable for sticky, viscous or knead-able masses.

On the purpose of good manufacturing, products ought to have enough fluidity. Primarily, solid ingredients should be rendered to knead-able consistency. Production can be fulfilled with products that have maximum 100C temperature. Aerated products ought to have a density higher than 400 Gr/L.

Masses like praline or nougat are cooled down by our tempering unit to be both cooled and rendered a plastic consistency, if required, some flavors such as nuts, peanuts or rice crispy can be mixed into the mass, extruded in ropes, cooled and cut by guillotine and enrobed with chocolate.