Extruded & Twisted Marshmallow Line

This line produces marshmallows in wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes in twisted or not-twisted, filled or unfilled forms.

With our extruded and twisted marshmallow line; you can produce single, double or four colored wide variety of marshmallows in twisted or not-twisted shapes. The production capacity is up to 300kg/hour. We can supply the whole production line exclusively, from cooking up to packaging process, in turn-key basis. Furthermore, thanks to our leading experts, we are also providing you the service for developing new products and recipes.

After the raw materials are cooked, they are cooled down and mixed with the whipping agent. Subsequent to this procedure, product is aerated.  If required, after the aeration phase, marshmallow can be split into streams, where it will be homogenously mixed with colors and flavor. Color and flavor amount can be adjusted independently. Afterwards, arbitrarily, marshmallow flows continuously to the manifold – stationary or rotary-, where final extrusion on the cooling conveyor takes place.

A thin layer of starch is sprinkled on the conveyor belt so as to prevent sticking of the marshmallow on the belt and on the guillotine, during the cutting process. Cooled and totally coated with starch, marshmallow is cut into pieces in preferred size and separated from the starch by passing through sieves.

As per the final treatment, products are transferred to the horizontal sieve and to the packing stage.