Aerator - S45



Product Details

Our Aerators are fully automatic machines that are not dependent on operators.  After the mixer is activated, the only transaction is to configure the production amount. 

The only thing to be done by the operator is to input the aimed capacity and product density via touch screen on the machine. Smart control system calculates the required pump speed and air amount, transfers the adequate amount of air / mass mixture into the aerating head. Thanks to the smart control system, it is guaranteed to keep the density of aerated mass stable and homogenous. In order to obtain a perfect product density, structure and capacity, it’s rotor and pump are controlled by drive units. The machine can run full automatically or manually and all its set up is fulfilled via touch screen human interface. 

Arcan Aerators can synchronously work with arcan depositors. In this case, Aerator adjusts its own production output automatically, in accordance with the consumption amount of the depositor. Thus, within the various velocity stages of the depositor, there is no need to update the Aerator’s capacity adjustments frequently. By this way, human errors and wastage risks are eliminated.

The frame of the Aerator and aerating head are made up of stainless steel. This feature smooths the way for easy cleaning and allows the user to save time.

In order to obtain maximum cooling or heating, the rotor and stator is designed and manufactured as water jacketed.

There is a back pressure unit situated at the exit of the Aerator, designed for reducing the pressure of the product and transferring the aerated mass to the next unit, at the aimed pressure.

In addition to standard production option, our Aerators can be re-designed and configured in accordance with the special demands of our customers.




Technical Specifications

  • The frame of the Aerator and aerating head are made up of stainless steel.
  • Its aerating capacity is 300 kg / hour (depends on the product).


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